Gary Hoffman

California Private Investigator License #20069
(323) 854-3757

Gary Hoffman brings over 25 years of experience in conducting major private investigations.  Gary has worked with Special Agent Group since 2007.  His investigations have included both civil and criminal actions.

His specialties include researching the backgrounds of individuals and corporations.  His research generally produces a 20 page report which includes locating family, real estate, liens, bankruptcies, assets, and litigation throughout the United States. Each report also is supported by extensive exhibits.   Mr. Hoffman works closely with clients and their attorneys to provide solutions to impending litigation.

Prior to joining The Special Agent Group LLC,  Mr. Hoffman was a senior investigator with Kroll Inc. the world largest private investigative firm.

He has been a licensed private investigator in the State of California for over 25 years, license number 20069.  He is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.  He is an associate member of the Certified Fraud Investigators and a member of CALI, the California Licensed Investigators Association.